Survival Power Kit
Survival Power Kit
Survival Power Kit
Survival Power Kit
Survival Power Kit
Survival Power Kit
Survival Power Kit
Survival Power Kit
Survival Power Kit
Survival Power Kit

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Survival Power Kit

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The Portable High-Performance Pumped-Up High-Tech Emergency Survival Power Kit That Will KEEP YOUR FAMILY ALIVE AND SAFE Through The Upcoming Disaster!
Don’t laugh – this is not an overstatement.
This is SERIOUS! Headlines, newscasts and crawlers from both local and national media give us daily wake-up calls on nature’s wrath.
Dangerous power outages, total blackouts, hurricanes or tornados happen every day... leaving people scared, in the dark and helpless... families stranded in blizzards, freezing to death... teenagers veering off bridges, finding their demise in the dark waters below... parents unable to feed their children... husbands unable to save their wives...
You might think it won’t happen to you... and you're watching the news like it's a Hollywood drama... Well, so did the folks in Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Puerto Rico when Irma hit… but it was too late...
Truth be told, no matter how prepped you think you are… no matter how “ready for anything” the government says it is… no matter the amount of flashlights, food and batteries you have in your basement…
You May Not Be Prepared For What An Extreme Power Loss May Imply.
Because when it comes to the panic, chaos and carnage that such an event unravels, if you can’t power your tools, radio or appliances, can’t jump start your car or your phone battery dies, you are as good as dead.
You can lose everything you love the most in the blink of an eye... while our great nation crumbles beneath our feet in mere seconds...
Now... I don't know about you... But the government is never ready... Think about it... If help only arrives after a month has passed... would you be able to make it that far?
I know, it is a scary thought and it’s about to get even scarier.
Truth be told, our power grid is more vulnerable than ever... and we could plunge into darkness at any moment.

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), our nation's incidence of blackouts is on the rise due to the latest hurricanes and harsh weather.

And because our power grid is aging and in need of massive repairs, we currently rank number one for blackouts lasting more than one hour.

Furthermore, General Keith Alexander, the head of NSA and the US Cyber Command, said "we should be expecting an increased number of successful cyber-attacks against our grid that will affect the whole country and kill thousands!"

So, the thought of something like that ever happening here, on U.S. soil, made me look for a bulletproof solution that will help me not only survive, but thrive through any looming doomsday scenario... And that's by having my own portable pumped up power supply on me, at all times... wherever I might be, whenever and whatever might happen.
This frantic search literally made me go the extra mile, scouring the globe for an affordable solution for average folks to feel safe in all kinds of short and long term power emergencies.
And it was extremely frustrating.
I came across a ton of “magical” devices that promised the world, but when put to the test they proved impractical – some were too bulky, others too heavy, some lacked the power and some were just a useless piece of plastic.
For a moment there I thought that maybe I was looking for the impossible...
Until I got my hands on the...
Survival Power Kit
And that's when my life changed! I've never left my house without it ever since.
It's that amazing! And here’s why:
It is extremely powerful.
This amazing device can store up to 5 times more power than a normal jump starter and will start a 12V car during any emergency or weather conditions... No matter if it's 100+ in Arizona or 30 below in Minnesota.
It is truly versatile.
  • You can power all your electronic devices no matter where you are... jumpstart your car, ATV or lawnmower, power your phone, tablet, laptop, power tools, radio and all other gadgets.
  • It’s extremely useful in keeping your lights or LEDs (torch, strobe lights), SOS signs on when the power goes down.
  • It's the perfect power supply for camping, hiking and hunting trips thanks to its generous and silent power storage.
  • Furthermore, it comes with 4 USB charging points for extra compatibility and coverage.
    It is compact and portable.
    The unit is about the size of a heavy-duty smart phone... so you can carry it in your bug out bag, purse, pocket, or car and always have an emergency backup power supply whenever and wherever you need it.

    ----------- FAQs ----------

    Q. How long does it take to charge when depleted?

    A. It usually takes about 4 hours

    Q. Can I plug it into a car cigarette lighter to charge it? 

    A. Yes. The adapter is included

    Q. Does it have a port for 110V home power for charging?

    A. This is actually the normal way to charge it. It comes with adapter included.

    Q. How long will it hold it charge? I expect it will sit in my car for months before I may need it.

    A. The battery is lithium-ion, which has a shelf discharge rate of about 10% per year

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